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Donna Ford

Email: donnasford@goodyearandgoodyear.com
Phone: (229) 888-2418
Fax: (229) 888-2550
Info: Vice President

Henry M.(Mark) Goodyear, III

Email: markgoodyear@goodyearandgoodyear.com
Phone: (229) 888-2418
Fax: (229) 888-2550
Info: President

Paula Lail

Email: paulalail@goodyearandgoodyear.com
Phone: 229-888-2418
Fax: 229-888-2550
Info: Bookkeeper

Reggie Hartin

Email: rhartin@bellsouth.net
Phone: 229-881-0165

Rhenda Coxwell

Email: rcoxwell@goodyearandgoodyear.com

Robert Ivey

Email: rivey@goodyearandgoodyear.com
Phone: (229) 888-2418
Fax: (229) 888-2550
Info: Vice President Real Estate Sales

Tina Tompkins

Email: tinatompkins@goodyearandgoodear.com
Phone: 229-888-2418
Fax: 229-888-2550
Homepage: http://www.goodyearandgoodyear.com
Info: Administrative Assistant

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